AMQ9645E: Certificate label ‘…’ not found for channel ‘…’.

The local key database repository does not contain a certificate with label
‘…’ . The channel is ‘…’; in some cases its name cannot be
determined and so is shown as ‘????’. The channel did not start.

Colin’s comments

Check the certificate is in the keystore

runmqakm -cert -list -type cms -stashed -db …kdb -v
runmqakm -cert -details -type cms -stashed -db ….kdb -label …


  1. Trust Status is Enabled
  2. The certificate for the issuer is in the keystore. 
    1. Displaying the certificate gave me
      1. Issuer : CN=SSCARSA1024,OU=CA,O=SSS,C=GB
    2. Using  runmqakm -cert -list -type cms -stashed -db zzserver.kdb -v showed me the Issuer was not in the keystore
    3. Once it was added the list command gave


If you have changed the keystore, then use the mqsc command refresh security type(SSL) .