Setting system wide ISPF defaults

I’ve been setting up several z/OS systems, and it is really boring doing the standard reconfiguration of command line at the top, screen size. pfshow etc..

Ive discovered how to set it using ISPCCONF

  • Allocate a PDF with format VB and record length of 255.
  • Option 7 Convert Configuration Table Loadmod to Keyword File
    • Specify the name of the data set
    • Specify a member name
    • 2. Include defaults as comments
  • This shows lots of options for example
  • The list of what you can specify is here
  • Now you’ve seen what is available, go back and select option 1 Create/Modify Settings and Regenerate Keyword File.  You can now edit the options by function area, for example 7 Terminal and User Defaults.
    • Scroll down set Screen Format 3 Max
    • Terminal type 4 3278A
  • PF3 and you get a view session showing the values you have changed.  It also shows the other values – but you are in view so cannot change.  PF3 to return
  • Select option 3 Verify Keyword Table Contents gives Keyword file verified
  • Select option 4 Build Configuration Table Load Module
    • The output file needs to go into a PDS in the ISPLLIB concatenation, you can use the command TSO ISRDDN to display the data set allocation
    • ISPF only recognizes the default names of ISPCFIGU – so use this as the default name.
  • Logoff, and logon again to pick up the new version