Standard stage manager’s instruction

On arrival

  1. Unlock the toilets
  2. Open kitchen door – leave the main door for FOH, so we do not get visitors. Check it stays unlocked.
  3. Turn on auditorium lights
  4. Check the stage and props
  5. Check fire exits are not blocked, and exits have fire exit lights on
  6. Turn on power to camera and black box in the balcony.
  7. Turn on camera
  8. Go to kitchen. Turn on power to black box.
  9. Turn on television, and select the HDMI channel to display the auditorium.

On departure

  • Turn off all heaters and other electrical equipment which is not meant to be left on
  • Turn off camera
  • Turn off power to camera and black box in balcony. The projector stays powered on and hibernated
  • In kitchen turn off power to black box.
  • Check theatre empty
  • Turn off lights by main door
  • Turn off all lights for main hall – and check the roof uplighters
  • Check the kitchen for heaters, hair curlers etc and make sure they are turned off
  • Check the urn
  • Turn off power to the black box
  • Use remote to hibernate television
  • Leave the building
  • Check kitchen door is locked.
  • Lock the toilets