Stromness town hall auditorium camera to the kitchen.

The town hall has a camera which can be connected to the television in the town hall.

All the stuff comes in a box from the community centre.


You need

  • a cat 6 (Ethernet, male with a springy catch on it) male to male cable
  • HDMI cable for the television
  • the cat6 to HDMI black box and its power supply. You need the box with “CAT6 in” written on it.

Installation instructions

  1. Up behind the television is a socket in the wall for the cat 6 cable. Plug one end in.
  2. Plug the other end into black box.
  3. Plug the HDMI into the back of the television – on back left hand side as you look at it. There are 3 HDMI sockets – pick any one
  4. The remote control behind the television has a “input” button on the top right. You’ll need to use it to select which ever HDMI socket is being used.

The main hall

You’ll need

  1. The camera, its power supply, and the output cable
  2. The other black box with “cat 6 out” on it
  3. cat 6 cable male to male
  4. small cable from camera to HDMI
  5. The camera support
  6. Piece of black string or equivalent.


  1. Go to the front of the balcony where the projector is located
  2. Remove the wooden lid
  3. Under the seat on left hand side as you face the back of the hall are two power points. Plug the power for the camera, and the black box into them.
  4. Under the seat on the right hand side is the CAT 6 socket. Plug the cat 6 cable into the socket.
  5. Plug the other end into the black box.
  6. Plug the HDMI cable from black box into the camera. (Pull out the side of the camera)
  7. Plug power into the camera
  8. Turn camera on – make sure the shutter opens (if not – open it manually knob by the lens)
  9. You should be able to see the picture on the screen.
  10. Screw the camera mount onto the balcony.
  11. Attach camera to the mount
  12. Attach the black string from camera a secure point.
  13. Position the camera so you can see the stage on screen.

Go back to the kitchen and cycle through the HDMI till you see the picture. ( eg HDMI 2 input)

If it is not in focus, you need to manually focus it using the little screen on the camera, and/or have someone shout between kitchen and balcony.

When not in use turn off the power to the camera, and the black boxes.


The box it all comes in

CAT 6 box for the kitchen

Plug CAT 6 into socket in the kitchen

In the balcony – plug the CAT6 into the socket.

Plug in the power for the camera and black box

Back of the black box

Set up the camera plug into the HDMI – on off switch