z/OSMF commands

I could not find the z/OSMF commands documented.  If you pass an invalid command to z/OSMF it lists the valid commands.   This is what I have found

This is what I have so far


displays a lot of help, including

Display commands

To display request activity counts for a Liberty server

  • MODIFY identifier,display,work

To display information on interrupted requests

  • MODIFY identifier,display,interrupts,

To display parameters specified in z/OSMF PARMLIBs

  •  “MODIFY identifier,display izu|d izu”

To refresh the configuration

To process changes to a server configuration or application.  I am not sure what the refresh config does as it does not close and reopen the keyring, nor does it pick up changes to the bootstrap.options.

  • MODIFY .identifier,refresh,config
  • MODIFY .identifier,refresh,apps

To pause or resume work

To request pause or resume inbound work from a server:

  • MODIFY identifier,status|pause|resume,target=’trgt1,…’

Change the trace options

To enable tracing for a specified Liberty server:

  • MODIFY identifier,logging=’tracespec’

For example f izusvr1,logging=’*=info’

To take a dump

To request JVM to initiate a transaction dump:

  • MODIFY identifier,tdump

To request a server dump from a Liberty server:

  • MODIFY identifier,dump,include=javadump1,…

To request a JVM core dump from a Liberty server:

  • MODIFY identifier,javacore

To request an SVC dump from a Liberty server:

  • MODIFY identifier,svcdump

To request a JVM heap dump from a Liberty server:

  • MODIFY identifier,heapdump