The Journey Begins

I spent 40+ years at IBM, and will be retiring on June 5th 2018.  When I was at IBM I blogged things which I thought were interesting, and hope to do the same when retire.  I am moving away from Hursley in the south of the UK and going to Orkney, on an island north of Scotland

3 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Colin – thanks so much for your countless contributions to IT, and specifically MQ. The content you’ve provided online has been such a tremendous resource to all of us wanting to learn the technology. All the best.


  2. Thank you Colin for your contribution, I just read your Netstat All relevant fields description and it was very useful in addressing a TN3270e performance problem. I would Join Justin Bates to thank you for your contribution and commitment to MQ and z/OS.


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