Using the monitoring data provided via publish in MQ midrange.

In V9, MQ provided monitoring data, available in a publish/subscribe programming model. This solved the problem of the MQ Statistics and Accounting information being written to a queue, and only one consumer could use the data.

You can get information on the MQ CPU usage, log data written, as well as MQ API statistics.

A sample is provided (amqsruaa) to subscribe to and print the data, but this is limited and not suitable for an enterprise environment. See /opt/mqm/samp/ amqsruaa.c for the source program and bin/amqsrua bin/amqsruac for the executables, bindings mode and client mode.

I tried to use this new method in my mini enterprise, and found it very hard to use, and I think some of the data is of questionable value.

Overall, I found

  1. The documentation missing or incomplete
  2. The architecture is poor, it is hard to use in a typical customer environment
  3. The implementation is poor, it does not follow PCF standards and has the same id for different data types.
  4. Some of the data provided is not explained, and some data is not that useful.

There is information from an IBM blog post here.

Ive written several pages on the Monitoring data in MQ midrange, I was going to blog it all – but I did not think there would be a big audience for it.

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