Which terminal am I in?

I use Ubuntu as my main work station, and found I was getting confused with so many terminals windows open. I found the following helped me manage it.

From a terminal Ctrl-Alt-T gives you a new tab with a new terminal.

I can quickly move between them using Ctrl-PgDn and Ctrl-Pg-Up – just like in a browser.

I can rearrange them using Ctrl-Alt-PgDN and Ctrl-Alt-PgUp, so my commonly used tabs are adjacent.

I can colour the terminal sessions. Select a terminal, right click, preferences. You can now create more profiles, such as “Blue” or “QMPROD” and select the colour of the font and background. I can then, from my terminal, right click, profiles, and select “Blue”. As long as I remember what I use each colour for – it is a great help.

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