Running a z/Linux container as an address space on z/OS – WOW!

I was at the Guide Share Europe conference in the UK last week.  I had not been for a few years, and it was great to be able to brush up my latest z/OS skills.   It was the largest attendance – over 500 people – and about 50 young people which was great  (so young they were not allowed to drink alcohol).  It was also CICS’s 50th birthday, so a dinner, lots of cake and impressive fireworks.

One presentation caught my eye.   Running a z/Linux container in a z/OS address space.  yes – a z/Linux container in an address space, not USS.  Instead of having to install z/VM, or having to carve out an LPAR for z/Linux, you “just” configure the address space.  It looks about as complex as installing MQ on z/OS.  For example you have to define linear datasets for the Linux to use.   These are accessed by page number – just like a page set.  You control it using the z/OS modify command.  You access it via TCP/IP so there is no cross memory interfaces into it.
You can now run all of the clouds stuff like Jenkins within z/OS in an address space – WOW!

Recently someone said that virtualization had made a huge difference to the way systems are deployed these days.   I said I was using virtualisation on vm/370 before he was born.
I wonder what will be “new” on z/OS in 20 years time?

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