Using IBM api explorer to display the syntax of mq rest commands.

You can use an url like https://localhost:9443/ibm/api/explorer  to display the mqweb api documentation.  The documentation is in swagger format, available in a web browser.   This is the same information you get from a REST request see here.

If you enter the url in the web browser, and you are using certificate authentication, you will be prompted with a list of valid certificates.  Any certificate is valid.   Even one with a CN=unknown was accepted.   The information is read only so this is not an issue.

The web page has

  • API Discovery
  • channel
  • login

If you click login it gives

  • DELETE /ibmmq/rest/v1/login  
    • Logs out a user
  • GET   /ibmmq/rest/v1/login
    • Queries the authenticated user and their roles.
  • POST  /ibmmq/rest/v1/login
    • Logs out a user

If you click on an item it displays more information, in a nice, easy to read format.  Much easier to read than if you retrieved it using the REST API.

What it doesn’t tell you

It does not tell you to put ?attributes=*&status=* on the end of your query to get queue attributes, and qstatus returned, as in*&status=*See here for more information.

Using the url as a REST request.

Using the url from curl and –user colinpaice:password gave

curl: (35) OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to localhost:9443

Using certificate authentication nothing was returned.

Using certificate authentication and the –include option (include headers)

url –include https://localhost:9443/ibm/api/explorer –cacert cacert.pem –cert colinpaice.pem:password –key colinpaice.key.pem


HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

So using the explorer url is not allowed.

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