mqweb – how to get a chrome browser trace

How to get a chrome trace

See Troubleshooting Chrome network issues  and the description here on how to collect a trace.

  • Open a tab with the chrome://net-export/ url.
  • Click start logging to disk
  • Select a file location
  • In another tab select the mqweb url
  • Click on the “stop” button in the window
  • If you select show file – it opens the json file.   This has all the information you need to process the file, but it is much easier to use the provided tools
  • The filename is given for example “FILE: /home/colinpaice/Downloads/chrome-net-export-log.json
  • Click on “The log file can be loaded using the netlog_viewer.” link.   This gets you to a page which says
  • This app loads NetLog files generated by Chromium’s chrome://net-export. Log data is processed and visualized entirely on the client side (your browser). Data is never uploaded to a remote endpoint.
  • Select to invoke the formatter.
  • Drag your netlog file, or use “choose file”
  • Select events, and this displays all of the traffic
  • In the search bar at the top enter your port 9443, or error
  • You get a list like
    1083 URL_REQUEST
  • If the background  is pale green – it is good.  If it is pink (pale red) there was a problem.
  • Click on a line and it displays trace information in a window.  For example the first URL_REQUEST gave
    • t= 8 [st= 8]        HTTP_STREAM_JOB_CONTROLLER_BOUND
                          --> source_dependency = 1089 (HTTP_STREAM_JOB_CONTROLLER)
      t=65 [st=65]        HTTP_STREAM_REQUEST_BOUND_TO_JOB
                          --> source_dependency = 1090 (HTTP_STREAM_JOB)
      t=65 [st=65]     -HTTP_STREAM_REQUEST
      t=65 [st=65]      URL_REQUEST_DELEGATE_SSL_CERTIFICATE_ERROR  [dt=1]
      t=66 [st=66]      CANCELLED
                        --> net_error = -200 (ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID)
      t=66 [st=66]   -URL_REQUEST_START_JOB
                      --> net_error = -200 (ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID)
      t=66 [st=66]    URL_REQUEST_DELEGATE_RESPONSE_STARTED  [dt=0]
      t=66 [st=66] -REQUEST_ALIVE
    • SSL_CONNECT_JOB gave me
      1087: SSL_CONNECT_JOB
      Start Time: 2020-01-29 08:41:25.699
      t= 1 [st= 0] +CONNECT_JOB  [dt=64]
                      --> backup_job = false
                      --> group_id = "ssl/"
      t= 1 [st= 0]   +SSL_CONNECT_JOB_CONNECT  [dt=64]
      t= 1 [st= 0]     +TRANSPORT_CONNECT_JOB_CONNECT  [dt=0]
      t= 1 [st= 0]        HOST_RESOLVER_IMPL_REQUEST  [dt=0]
                          --> address_family = 0
                          --> allow_cached_response = true
                          --> host = ""
                          --> is_speculative = false
      t= 1 [st= 0]        CONNECT_JOB_SET_SOCKET
      t= 1 [st= 0]     -TRANSPORT_CONNECT_JOB_CONNECT
      t=65 [st=64]      CONNECT_JOB_SET_SOCKET
      t=65 [st=64]   -SSL_CONNECT_JOB_CONNECT
                      --> net_error = -200 (ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID)
      t=65 [st=64] -CONNECT_JOB

Understanding Chromium trace and performance data

I found this link very useful to explain the developer information, such as trace, performance etc.

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