The ccdt file was exactly where I specified it.

I had been successfully using a json ccdt file to use runmqsc as a client.  Because of a “.” it didn’t work when I used it elsewhere.

I had a directory of useful shell scripts.  In this directory I had my mqclient.ini with


I had another directory with some shell scripts for some other applications.  I used

export MQCLNTCF=/home/colinpaice/… to point to the mqclient.ini file.

When I used runmqsc -c QMA I got

AMQ8118E: IBM MQ queue manager does not exist.

In /var/mqm/errors/AMQERR01.LOG was the error message AMQ9518E: File ‘./ccdt.json’ not found.

This was because I had specified ChannelDefinitionDirectory=. instead of a fully qualified name.  I had wrongly assumed that “.” meant the same directory as the mqclient.ini file.

The moral of this user error is to

  • use a fully qualified directory instead of “.”
  • or omit this parameter, and put the ccdt.json in the default location /var/mqm – but you may not have write access to this directory.
  • and go to the bottom of the class.

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