facepalm: Why my mqconsole was refreshing every 60 seconds

I had just upgraded MQ to v915 and was trying out the new mqconsole via the web stuff.  It was really annoying because every 60 seconds the web page would refresh, and I would have to start again.

I checked my mqwebuser.xml file for “60” seconds, but there were no hits.

Gwydion suggested I check the ltpaExpiration value.   This specifies how long a logon token is valid for; after it has expired you have to logon. again .  There were several problems here:

  • I had <variable name=”ltpaExpiration” value=”30″/> .   This says your session expires after 30 minutes.  Because I was using certificates to logon, I automatically get relogged on after this interval expires, this was 30 minutes not 1 minute so not my problem.
  • I used grep ltpa mqwebuser.xml and found I had several  <variable name=”ltpaExpiration” value=…./> statements. The last one had a value of 01 – one minute.   This was the statement causing my problems.

What did I learn from this?

  • Use the command  dspmqweb properties -a  to display all of the parameters.   If they are not as you expect, check the mqwebuser.xml file.
  • The setmqweb command deletes all the entries except for the last one, and updates the last entry with the specified value.   This solved my duplicate entry problem.
  • I specified setmqweb properties -k ltpaExpiration -v 015 to set it to 15 minutes.
  • You can put a comment  <!– unit in minutes –> before(near) the statement.
  • I also added unit=minutes into the statement <variable name=”ltpaExpiration” unit=”minutes” value=”016″/>.  setmqweb, and startup ignore this.

I tend not to use the setmqweb command as I pretend to be an enterprise where every change has to have a change record and where configurations are created centrally and deployed to the machines.

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