What’s in ABCs of z/OS System Programming?

The ABC of z/OS Systems Programming is a great collection of books on z/OS, but I could find no easy documentation to tell me what was in each pdf file.   So here it is.

Volume 1, Intro to z, Systems Programmer, TSO, ISPF, JCL,  SDSF, Storage concepts
Volume 2,  Parmlib, Subsystems, LPA, SMP/E, LE
Volume 3, SMS, Datasets, Catalogs
Volume 4, VTAM, Comms Server, IP
Volume 5, Base and Parallel Sysplex, GRS, RRS, ARM, sysplex failure management System Logger, z/OS system operationGDPS, zSeries availability
Volume 6, Security on z/OS, RACF and SAF, Cryptography
Volume 7,  Infoprint Server, IP PrintWay, NetSpool, Infoprint Server, Transform, Infoprint Central
Volume 8,  Diagnosis fundamentals, IPCS, Dump analysis, problem diagnosis, Diagnostic procedures
Volume 9,  z/OS UNIX, TCP/IP installation, zSeries file system, z/OS UNIX security, Shell and programming tools
Volume 10,  z Architecture, PRISM, z14
Volume 11 Capacity planning, Performance management, RMF, SMF
Volume 12,  Workload Manager, WLM policy, WLM goal management, WLM functions, WLM ISPF application
Volume 13,  JES3


ZPDT redbook  reference and guide

Storage management

Summary of all storage management books
Using ADRDSSU program to backup and restore files pdf     Knowledge centre   Copy Dataset


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