Getting z/OS running on my Ubuntu laptop with zD&T and zPDT

Having downloaded and installed the zD&T, ZPDT and z/OS products on my laptop.  I was keen to start using it.   Here are part of my journey.

The  IBM ZPDT Guide and Reference redbook is excellent.

I used zD&T to install the products,  but it is missing a few things.

Check the environment

I used /usr/z1090/bin/z1090instcheck in section 4.1.84 of the red book to check the configuration.

I had

 UBUNTU kernel.core_pattern is |/usr/share/apport/apport which is BAD

I left it as it was, it is about what happens if there is a coredump.

Section 4.1.11 talks about checking /etc/sysctl.conf. You can use

sudo  /usr/z1090/bin/aws_sysctl

to set all of the parameters to value values.   It prompts before it changes any value, so is safe.

Creating the devmap

I used the perl script to create my devmap file.

Number of processors

You may want to set the number if processors less than the number of cores in your machine, so you can continue to run if zPDT is 100% busy.
Use the top command.  At the top it shows “load average: 5.3 3.7 4.1” this shows 3 numbers – this is 3 cores.

Set the number of cores using the

processors 1 # number of processors

statement.  Event with 1 processor, sometimes the laptop locked up, the cursor did not move,  or was about 5 seconds behind moving the mouse.

Storage usage

z/OS requires a minimum of 2GB to start (otherwise you get a message at IPL)


Using the top command gave


Use the free -g command to display the storage in your machine, so you do not over allocate the storage.

      total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem:     7     3    0      3          3         0
Swap:    0     0    0

The devmap had

memory 5984m  # define storage size for virtual host

When I stared zD&T  I got

AWSSTA146I Starting independent 1090 instance 'ibmsys1'
AWSEMI001T Insufficient Memory for 1090 to start.

I changed the memory to

memory 2G  # define storage size for virtual host

And I got into the IPL.

First IPL

I did a cold start, as per instructions.

I saw a message “waiting for vtam”.  So I reipled.

I used the command k s,del=n to prevent messages rolling off the top of the screen, and saw

CSV028I ABEND306-0C ISTCFCR2 and VTAM won’t start

I issued the commands

  • S VTAM

and the system started.

Edit ADCD.Z24A.PARMLIB(PROGAB)  and add  NET621.SCNMLNK1  A4PRD3, and do the same the the same data set on SARES1

Basic checks

The system worked as expected.

I could use x3270 localhost:3270 to get into z/OS using a 3274 “hardware controller” or x3270 via TCPIP.  This showed my IP network was basically working.

To get FTP working

Use the MVS command S  FTPD this takes a short time to start.

I installed vsftp on Ubuntu and started it

  • sudo apt install vsftpd
  • sudo service vsftpd start

I could FTP and enter the userid and password.  When I issued any command such as ls, it hung.

I used this article on the Ubunto firewall. The command  sudo ufw status verbose gave

Status: active

I disabled the firewall in linux

sudo ufw disable

and ftp worked.

The log showed me the activity sudo grep -i ufw /var/log/syslog |grep 10.1.1

Either of the commands give access through the firewall

  • sudo ufw allow from
  • sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -s -j ACCEPT

TCP error messages

I got

11.45.32 EZZ9310I NAME SERVER

This is because it is trying to use the DNS server .  The default is to use DNS then local. To fix this edit  ADCD.Z24A.TCPPARMS(TCPDATA)  insert the bold line

; LOOKUP statement 
; ================ 
; LOOKUP indicates the order of name and address resolution. DNS means 
; use the DNSs listed on the NSINTERADDR and NAMESERVER statements. 
; LOCAL means use the local host tables as appropriate for the 
; environment being used (UNIX System Services or Native MVS). 
; LOOKUP DNS LOCAL  the default

Specifying LOCAL uses /etc/hosts which has S0W1.CANLAB.IBM.COM S0W1 localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 
___________ localhost4.localdomain4__________________ 
::1________ localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 
___________ localhost6.localdomain6________________

Where the _ is really hex ’41’ !

I went into OMVS and issued

mv /etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf.old
touch /etc/resolv.conf
chmod 755 /etc/resolv.conf

ISPF primary menu

The initial ISPF menu is in


You can copy it to USER.Z24A.ISPPLIB and tailor it.  If you create a new member name – COLIN, use the command at logon ispf panel(COLIN)

The supplied ISR@PRIM has options which are not listed on the display RACF, ISMF, SMPE, WLM S (for SDSF).  This allows you to issue =S or =ISMF.

When you logon to TSO there is an ISPFLITE procedure with no optional products in the list, in case you have problems.

Unexpected messages

I got the following message many times at IPL  once for each disk.


A VARY ONLINE command attempted to validate the use of advanced features for the device.
The authorization failed.

I think this can be ignored.

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