Why is MQWEB not accepting my certificate ? An end to head banging

I found there were many reasons why a browser’s or curl application’s digital certificate did not work with MQWEB, from an option missing, to unsupported handshake option.  Often there the messages were the vague “A problem has occurred”.

I tried to cause as many problems as possible, and blogged what you get, and the resolution; but event then I found there were even more ways of it failing.


I’ve written some java programs called checkTLS which act as a client or a server.

  • You can use your web browser into the server application and see information about what is being used, and if it can detect any problems (such as expired CA)
  • You can extract your certificates from the browser, and then talk to MQWEB, and see what happens in the handshake

This is alpha code.   I would be interested in any comments

  • Is this useful?
  • Does it work for you?
  • Is it too verbose?

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