Using OSGI to display information about the Liberty configurations. Useful commands

This post gives some of the commands you can issue to OSGI in Liberty.

I set up access to Liberty OSGi using


osgi.console= in file, and restarted Liberty.

Once it was active I used

telnet 5471 |tee -i osgi.log

to issue commands to OSGI and save the output in the osgi.log file.

A subset of the display commands

list the available commands (there are many)
help lb
explain the lb command
you have to type out the complete command
list the bundles. This produces a list with

  • ID – a number
  • State – Active
  • Name JMS Connection Factory
lb jca
list bundles with jca in the description.
list all information about all bundles.
bundles 99
Give more information on the bundle with id 99
headers 99
lists the information from the manifest about the specified bundle id.
list the high level jndi tree elements.
jndilist com/ibm
List the element under this tree.
jndilist jms
The JMS definitions

  • cf1:…
  • stockRequestQueue:…
  • stockResponseQueue:…
lists the files in the directory on disk.
cat name
lists the contents of the named file from disk – see I said this was a dangerous command.

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