How do I do things with a subset of PDS members matching a pattern?

There are some clever things you can do on a subset of members of a PDS.

If you use ISPF  (Browse) or ISPF 2 (Edit) you can specify a data set name of

  • ‘COLIN.AAA.PROCLIB(%%%%%%00)’ and it displays only the members ending in 00.
  • ‘COLIN.AAA.PROCLIB(*AH*)’ to display all member with an AH in the name.
  • ‘COLIN.AAA.PROCLIB’  for all of the members.

If you use ISPF 3;4 I havent found a way of doing the same.

Acting on a subset.

If you have a list of members, for example ISPF 1,2,3;4  you can issue a primary command

sel *99 e 

which says select all those members ending in  99, and use the command “e” in front.  Similary  sel %%%%%%00 b.

Sorting the list

You can sort the list by many fields, name, size last changed.  For example “Sort Name”.

I have “Tab to point-and-shoot fields” enabled.   I can tab to column headers, and press enter.   The rows are sorted by this column.

I often use “sort changed” to find the ones I changed recently, and “sort id” to see who else has been changing the members.


I use “srchfor ” or “srchfor value” to look for the members containing a string (or two).

When this command has completed tab to “prompt” and press enter, or enter “sort prompt” to sort the members with hit to the top of the list.


If the member list has changed, you can use “refresh” to refresh it.



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