What data set is my C program using?

I wanted to know what data set my C program was using.  There is a facility BPXWDYN: a text interface to dynamic allocation and dynamic output designed for REXX users, but callable from C.

This is not very well documented, so here is my little C program based on the sample IBM provided.

The documentation says use  RTARG dsname = {45,”rtdsn”};  but this is for alloc.  With “info” it gives the error message IKJ56231I TEXT UNIT X’0056′ CONTAINS INVALID KEY .  Which basically means rtdsn is not value.     I had to use RTARG dsname = {45,”INRTDSN”};

#include <stdio.h> 
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <errno.h>
int main(int argc, char * argv[]) {
typedef int EXTF();
#pragma linkage(EXTF,OS)
EXTF *bpxwdyn=(EXTF *)fetch("BPXWDY2 ");
int i,j,rc;
typedef struct s_rtarg {
short len;
char str[260];
char *info ="info DD(APF1) ";

RTARG dsname = {45,"INRTDSN"}; // not rtdsn as the doc says
RTARG ddname = {9,"INRTDDN"}; // not rtddn as the doc says
RTARG volser = {7,"INRTVOL"};
RTARG msg = {3,"MSG "};
RTARG m[4] = {258,"msg.1",258,"msg.2",258,"msg.3",258,"msg.4"};

if (rc!=0) printf("bpxwdyn rc=%X %i\n",rc,rc);

if (*ddname.str) printf("ddname=%s\n",ddname.str);
if (*dsname.str) printf("dsname=%s\n",dsname.str);
if (*volser.str) printf("volser=%s\n",volser.str);
for (i=0,j=atoi(msg.str);i<j && i<4;i++)



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