Do storage controllers pining having anything to do with a Norwegian Fiords?

No – it means I need to wear my glasses!

I was looking at the disk storage controller statistics and saw references to pinned storage.  I naturally thought this was a reference to the Monty Python dead parrot sketch where the Norwegian Blue was “pining for the Fiords”.

Ive often wondered what Pinned storage was.  I found “Pinned data cannot be removed from the cache by the storage machine because of a hardware failure”.  I think that if the amount of pinned storage is greater than zero then phone someone.

There are other fields “Unavailable storage”. 

These are examples of providing data – but no information.   You need to know that if these fields are non zero, this is a problem and you need to do something about it – just displaying a number has little value.  I would have hoped that that documentation would have said, in big bold letters: If these numbers are not zero then take action!

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