Connect to Liberty, the clever way, to give different qualities of service.

While I was investigating two TCP/IP stacks I discovered you can set up Liberty Web Server to support different classes of service depending on TCP Host name, and port number.

You can configure <httpEndpoint…> with a host and port number, and point to other set up parameters and so configure

  • the host name
  • the httpsPort number
  • the maximum number of active connections for this definition
  • which keyring to use as the trust store
  • which keyring to use as the key store
  • which certificate the server should use in the key store
  • which TLS protocols for example TLS 1.2 or 1.3
  • what logging you want done: date,time, userid, url, response time
  • which file you want the access logging information to be written to
  • which sites can/cannot use this, the addressExcludeList and addressIncludeList.

How do you set up another http address and port ? It is really easy – just define another set of definitions!

Why would you want to do this?

You may want to restrict people’s access to the server. For example external people are told to access the server using a specified port, and you can specify which cipher specification should be used, and what trust store is used to validate a client authentication request.

You may want want to restrict the number of connections into a port, and have a port for administrators so they can always logon.

How do I do this?

You need to define another httpEndpoint. This in turn points to

I set up a file called colin.xml and included it in the server.xml file.

 <httpEndpoint id="colinstHttpEndpoint" 

     maxOpenConnections="3" /> 

 <httpAccessLogging id="colinaccessLogging" enabled="true"/> 

 <ssl clientAuthentication="true" 
   sslProtocol="TLSv1.2" /> 
 <keyStore filebased="false" id="racfKeyStore" 
   password="password" readOnly="true" type="JCERACFKS"/> 
 <keyStore filebased="false" id="racfTrustStore" 
   password="password" readOnly="true" type="JCERACFKS"/> 


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