Refreshing my zD&T and ADCD z/OS libraries

I wanted to refresh my zD&T system, and update some of the Z/OS volumes available from ADCD, so I could run the latest z/OS on my Ubuntu server.

It was not easy to find the route, and on the journey I found IBM has some web sites that are hard to use!

This page has been updated to reflect ZDT_Install_PE_V14…

Getting started

You access the updates through IBM Passport Advantage.

I started with the IBM home page for my country, logged on and searched for “passport advantage”.

The top item was Download products from IBM Passport Advantage. Great, I clicked and got to a page giving an overview of Passport Advantage. Hidden at the very bottom it has a picture and a link “Sign on to Passport Advantage”.

This gets me to a page Passport Advantage Online for Customers. Click on “Sign on to your Passport Advantage site” (even though I am already signed on). If you click on the “sign in now” link, you get to a page with another(!) sign on link. It would be better to call this path ” Sign in now, with just a few more clicks now and then wait 30 seconds”.

Under Software download & media access click “Download Software“.

This gets you to another page called “Software download & media access”.

At the bottom of a page is a pull down with “Passport Advantage Express” pre selected. “Click on the Continue button to begin your personalized download experience“. It was “Passport Advantage Slow” rather than express.

You get to yet another page called “Software download & media access”.

You can pick a part if you know the name or part number, but I found this almost impossible to use. I kept going round in circles. Instead I used “All Products” (see below). This would be better called “All products you are licensed to”.

I cannot see how you get a product to appear as “My preferred products”. I have zD&T as a favourite.

Selecting All products displayed the following below the text.

IBM Z Development and Test Environment Personal Edition

When I clicked on it, it gave me the choice of

  • All operating systems
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux Base Server
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux Base Server

I wanted Ubuntu – and not two copies of Redhat, so I selected “All operating systems”.
I chose English language

This gives a page with a lot of information, and is a bit hard to navigate until you understand it.

This says you are using version 13.01.00 – click on change to select a different version. The version pull down has a random order – 10, 13, 8, 9 13 etc.

Pick your version.

The screen displays content based on your selection.

Expand “select individual files”. This gave me

Review the IBM z Development so you know what to expect. I think it is good practice to upgrade zD&T before upgrading ADCD.

Update the level of zD&T.

Expand IBM Z Development and Test Environment Personal Edition 13.01.

Download the ZDT* file and follow the instructions here.

On V14 you execute ./zdt-install-pe

I used sudo instead of using a super user password (which I do not have configured)

sudo ./ZDT_Install_PE_V13.0.0.0.x86_64

After it installed, I shutdown and rebooted.

After the reboot the z1091ver command gave

z1091, version, build date – 09/15/20 for Linux on Ubuntu 64bit

This is the same as it was with version 12.05!

With version 14.0 it gives

z1091, version, build date – 08/18/22 for Linux on Ubuntu 64bit

The same as V13!

Once you have reipled z/OS and checked it works, you can think about upgrading z/OS.

You can download the z/OS volumes while you are on the web site, and install them later.

Select the Z/OS volumes you want to download

Expand ADCD…

This gives a table with contents like

z/OS 2.4 Part 1 of 19 – RES volume 1 Multilingual (CC88DML)

At the top of the table click “show details”. This gives additional information like

  • z/OS 2.4 Part 1 of 19 – RES volume 1 Multilingual (CC88DML)
  • Part number: CC88DML
  • File name: B4RES1.ZPD

For zD&T version 12.05, the set of download files for z/OS 2.4 were called A4… for version 13.0.0 service refresh the files were called B4… for version 13.1.0 the files were called C4… . I expect the first volumes for z/OS 2.5 will be called A5RES1 etc.

If you know what volid you want within a release, you can enter it in the Search: box, for example B4RES1.

Download the files you want.

Using them is a much bigger challenge which I may write up another day. (For example SYS1.LINKLIB is currently catalogued on A4RES1. If I add B4RES1 to my system, I cannot just IPL from it as the volids will not match up.

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