What do you mean, I can’t set the maximum queue depth?

Ive been involved with MQ for the whole of its life (I worked on the very first release), and I’ve just discovered something which is really basic!

I was testing out some code, and wanted to set the max depth of the queue to a low value for the duration of a test.

I thought this was easy; just use MQSET, specify parameter MQIA_MAX_Q_DEPTH, and the value I wanted (9).

When it reported


I added in extra code to printout the values and yes, this was the value returned. If this was a bug I was sure it would have been spotted many years ago. I checked the documentation (remember, if all else fails, read the documentation). Look, I can set get inhibit, put inhibit etc ahh – max depth was not listed.

So when you get Reason 2067: FAILED: MQRC_SELECTOR_ERROR please check the documentation.

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