How do I use SFTP to ftp to a z/OS data set?

You cannot do it directly, you have to do a two step process.

Sending files to z/OS using SFTP

SFTP can send files to Unix Services Subsystem. It cannot send to data sets.

sftp colin@

You can use commands like

  • cd to change directory on the remote system
  • lcd change directory on the local system
  • put
  • get
  • chmod
  • chown
  • exit

There is no command “bin” nor “quote…”.

Getting from a Unix Services file to a dataset.

You can use the cp command.

To copy a binary file to a dataset

For example as if you were using FTP with BIN; quote site cyl pri=1 sec=1 recfm=fb blksize=3200 lrecl=80; put mp1b.load.xmit ‘COLIN.MP1B.LOAD.XMIT’)

cp -W “seqparms=’RECFM=FB,SPACE=(500,100),LRECL=80,BLKSIZE=3200′” mp1b.load.xmit “//’COLIN.MP1B.LOAD.XMIT'”

Where the seqparms are in upper case. If they are in mixed case you get

FSUM6258 cannot open file “… “: EDC5121I Invalid argument.


To copy a text file to a data set

If you use SFTP to copy a text file to Unix Services, it gets sent in bin, and, on z/OS, looks like


You can tag a file so Unix Services knows it is an ASCII file, using

chtag -tc ISO8859-1 aaa

This makes the file editable from Unix Services, but you cannot just use cp to copy and create a dataset, as above.

You can convert it from ASCII to EBCDIC using

iconv -f ISO8859-1 -t IBM-037 ascii_file  > ebcdic-file

Then use

cp -W “seqparms=’RECFM=VB,SPACE=(CYL,(1,1)),LRECL=800,BLKSIZE=8000′” ebcdic-file “//’COLIN.EBCDFILE'”

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