ISPF has autocomplete – just like a laptop!

On Linux I can use “ls D” and tab, and it lists Documents/ and Downloads/ . If I type “ls Doc” and press tab it uses autocomplete to give “ls Documents/”. This is a great way to save you typing.

I’ve just found the same function for z/OS. It has been in the product since at least 2004!

  • Set up a pf key to be AUTOTYPE ( type KEYS on the command line) I set PF6 to this
  • Go to ISPF 3.4 and type the start of a data set, for example COLIN.
  • press PF6, it gives me COLIN.JCL, press PF6 again, it gives me COLIN.MP1B.JCL

Of course you could always type COLIN.* and press enter, then tab down the list. But I thought AUTOTYPE was pretty neat.

Setting PF Keys 13 to 24

When I went to set my PF key, I found all 12 keys were allocated. How do I set keys 13 to 24?
If you use PFSHOW TAILOR it allows you to use 12 or 24 keys, and to control what is displayed.

I have my terminal emulator set up so shift PF5 is PF17, and so I set PF17 to AUTOTYPE.


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