I didn’t know that z/OS command

On one of the z/OS fora I found the following good stuff from David Mingee. Three of these were new to me.

  1. After using START command to start more than one screen, you can enter =XALL to close all screens.
  2. In ISPF enter CMD SWAPBAR ON.  This will cause a screen name to be displayed at the bottom left of your screen.  There will be a screen name for each START CMD that has been done.  The active screen will have an * e.g. *dslist .  You can go directly to any screen listed by clicking your mouse on the desired screen name.  This feature stays turned on for your next logon and until you enter SWAPBAR OFF. You can change the name of the screen using the command such as SCRNAME SDSF. By default you get names like
    1. ISR@PRIM for the main ISPF panel
    1. ISFPCU4 for SDSF
    2. DSLIST for ISPF 3;4
    3. ISRTSO for ISPF option 6 for TSO
    4. OS390S for z/OS System Programmer Primary Option Menu
  3. When editing a file do CC CC A to copy a range of lines AFTER line A, a new feature allows the use of CC CC AK  on as many lines as wanted and then A on the last location for the copy.  Lines are copied to multiple locations with one command. So do cc, cc, ak,ak,a
  4. In ISPF use command 0 for settings then go to page 2 and change 3278 screen display to 1 for DATA vs. STD. This will automatically allow your screen to display up to 120 columns vs. only 80.
  5. In SDSF change FIND LIMIT to 99999 vs default of 5000 as this will speed up log searches.
  6. Use SRCHFOR command in 3.4 for pds/pdse files to find a ‘STRING’ in all members.
  7. Use KEYS command to change your PF KEY settings, e.g. change F9 to SWAP NEXT vs. SWAP.
  8. Use ISPF APPEND command to create a personal DSLIST of files frequently used with different DSN Qualifiers.
  9. ISPF cut and paste. You can have multiple “clipboards”, and do ASCII or EBCDIC conversion. For example CUT .a .b BOARD2 APPEND UTF8 copies the lines labelled .a to .b to clipboard BOARD2.

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