Setting up Python on z/OS

Running a Python package on z/OS is pretty easy. You just have to remember to set up the environment. This one of those little tasks you do not do very often, and forget how to do it.

When you enter OMVS your .profile shell is executed (if the file exists).

Does the file exist ?

You can use the ls command to see if the file exists

ls -altr ~/.profile

where the -a option says display all the files – including those beginning with ‘.’. By default these are omitted.

This gave

-rwx------ 1 BPXROOT TSOUSER 297 May 18 08:46 /u/colin/.profile

Note the x attribute; it means the file can be executed. You can use the following command to set this attribute.

chmod +x ~/.profile

Profile contents

My .profile file has

# set up Python path 
export PATH=/usr/lpp/IBM/cyp/v3r8/pyz/bin:$PATH 
# set up MQ Libraries
export MQ=MQM.V900 
# set up PYTHONPATH to point to where zpymqi is
export PYTHONPATH=/u/colin/:$PYTHONPATH 

When my Python program has import pymqi, Python will look in directory /u/colin/pymqi

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