How do I assemble a program in Unix System Services using the c complier?

My preferred way of assembling some code is to use JCL. The next best way is to use the “as – Use the HLASM assembler to produce object files“. (For example “as -a -d xxxx.o xxxx.s 1>a”) Unfortunately I needed to use the”C” compiler xlc, because I wanted to compile a file for a Python External command.

The basic syntax is

xlc “-Wa,LIST” zonsole.s 1>a 2>b


  • -Wa specifies these are options for the assembler source
  • LIST says generate a listing. By default it does not generate a listing, only the error file.
  • zonsole.s is my assembler source program
  • 1>a says put the listing into file a
  • 2>b says put the error file into file b

At the top of the listing file is

No Overriding ASMAOPT Parameters
No Process Statements

** ASMA425N Option conflict in invocation parameters. LIST overrides an earlier setting.

The options in the -Wa are described here

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