zpdt and Ubuntu 22.04 -it worked!

I installed Ubuntu 22.04 on an isolated hard disk drive and installed IBM Z Development and Test Environment Personal Edition 14.0. on it.

I followed the documentation. The executable was sudo ./zdt-install-pe

The first time it ran, I allowed it to configure the network. It then prompted me with

Preconfiguration steps …

32 bit support not installed
Some of the above software dependencies are not installed

Do you want the necessary Linux dependencies for the product IBM® ZD&T Personal Edition to be installed? By entering y, all required dependencies will be installed. The list of dependencies are mentioned in the Prerequisites. You need to have access to internet and software repository to install the dependencies. Otherwise, installation will complete without dependencies, and you need to install the dependencies manually. For more information about linux prerequisites, see: https://ibm.biz/zdt_prerequisites


It then hung.

When I reran it, but did not allow it to configure the network, and it ran successfully to completion in under a minute. It could have been a wi-fi problem.

I had to install x3270 (sudo apt install x3270) before starting my z/OS system. My zPDT environment was on a removable hard disk drive, so I plugged it it, started it up, and my system came up with no problems.

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