CSQ0214E … Message protection initialization failed, reason 0335300E

CSQ0214E … CSQ0COPN Message protection initialization failed, return code 12, reason 0335300E

This can have other messages associated with it

CSQ0217E … CSQ0COPN Failed to process object ‘recipient public key certificate in recipient keyring’

Colin’s comments on certificate not found

0335300E is certificate not found

Certificate not in the xxxxAMSM’s keystore

I had

setmqspl -m CSQ9
-s SHA256
-e AES256
-a “CN=testuser, O=aaaa, C=GB”
-r “CN=testuser, O=aaaa, C=GB”

But the certificate for CN=COLIN,O=SSS was not in the xxxxAMSM’s keyring.

The messages do not tell you which certificate was not found.

Certificate was in the keystore – but not trusted

I had forgotten to use


and so the certificate was non trusted.

CSQ0217E … Failed to process object ‘pkcs7 enveloped data message’

A userid tried to get an encrypted message, but the message was not encrypted for this userid; there was no encrypted key for this DN and certificate.

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