CSQ0450E Syntax error…

I had multiple AMS definitions in CSQ0UTIL, and I got

CSQ0402I Command Name: setmqspl
CSQ0403I Arguments: ‘-m’ ‘CSQ9’ ‘-p’ ‘AMSQ’ ‘-s’ ‘SHA256’ ‘-e’ ‘AES256’
‘-a’ ‘CN=COLIN,O=SSS’ ‘-a’ ‘CN=testuser, O=aaaa, C=GB’ ‘-r ‘ ‘CN=testuser,
O=aaaa, C=GB’ ‘-r’ ‘CN=COLIN,O=SSS’ ‘setmqslp’ ‘-m’ ‘CSQ9’ ‘-p’ ‘ENC’ ‘-e’
‘AES128’ ‘-a’ ‘CN=COLIN,O=SSS’ ‘-a’ ‘CN=t estuse
r, O=aaaa, C=GB’ ‘-r’
‘CN=testuser, O=aaaa, C=GB’ ‘-r’ ‘CN=COLIN,O=SSS’

CSQ0450E Syntax error. Usage: setmqspl -m (qm) -p (policy) -s (sigalg) -a
(signer DN) -e (encalg) -r (receiver DN) -t (toleration) – c (keyreuse)
CSQ0405E An error occurred running command number 1 on line 1
CSQ0448I Command failed

This is because I had a spelling mistake in the definitions.

setmqspl -m CSQ9

setmqslp -m CSQ9

Obvious once you see it!

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