Why cant I pipe into runmqsc?

I tried using cat /opt/mqm/samp/amqscos0.txt | sudo -u mqm runmqsc COLIN and it failed, complaining about su syntax.

I solved it by

sudo -u mqm cat /opt/mqm/samp/amqscos0.txt | sudo -u mqm runmqsc COLIN

Easy when you know how!

5 thoughts on “Why cant I pipe into runmqsc?

  1. This may work as well:

    sudo -u mqm “runmqsc COLIN < opt/mqm/samp/amqscos0.txt"

    The quotes may not be required, I do my have sudo to try with.


  2. When I run the original command, it works fine, apart from having to use the extension ‘.tst’ instead of ‘.txt’.

    I’d be curious to know what error you got!


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