Where are the man pages for MQ?

I installed the man pages for MQ 9.1.1, but they were not installed in the standard place. man runmqsc said No manual entry.

I had to use

man -M /opt/mqm/man/ runmqsc

The commands you can specify are

 addmqinf   altauth    altchl    altcomm     altlis
altnl altpro altqa altql altqm
altqmgr altqr altserv altsub alttopic
amqmfsck clearql clearstr crtmqcvx crtmqenv
crtmqinst crtmqm defauth defchl defcomm
deflis defnl defpro defqa defql
defqm defqr defserv defsub deftopic
delauth delcomm deletchl deletelis deleteqa
deleteql deleteqm deleteqr deleteserv deletpro
delnl delrec delsub deltopic dischauth
dischl dischs disclqm discomm disconn
disenauth dislis dislisst disnl dispbsub
dispro disq disqmgr disqmsta disqstat
dissbsta disserv dissub dissvstat distopic
distpstat dltmqinst dltmqm dmpmqaut dmpmqlog
dspauth dspmq dspmqaut dspmqcsv dspmqfls
dspmqinf dspmqinst dspmqrte dspmqtrc dspmqtrn
dspmqver dsprec dspserv endmqcsv endmqlsr
endmqm endmqtrc mqrc pingchl pingqmgr
purgechl rcdmqimg rcrmqobj refclus refqmgr
refsecy resetchl resolchl restclus restqmgr
resuqmgr rmvmqinf rsvmqtrn runmqchi runmqchl
runmqdlq runmqlsr runmqsc runmqtmc runmqtrm
setchaut setlog setmqaut setmqenv setmqinst
setmqm setmqprd setrec stachi stachl
stalsr startserv stopchl stopcon stoplsr
stopserv strmqcfg strmqcsv strmqm strmqtrc

The verbs are

 mqback   mqbegin  mqbufmh  mqcb     mqcbfunc  mqclose
mqcmit mqconn mqconnx mqcrtmh mqctl mqdisc
mqdltmh mqdltmp mqget mqinq mqinqmp mqmhbuf
mqopen mqput1 mqput mqset mqsetmp mqstat
mqsub mqsubrq

3 thoughts on “Where are the man pages for MQ?

  1. MANPATH is built automatically from PATH. If you have MQ in your PATH, then you will have MQ man pages in your MANPATH. If you run setmqenv first, or make your installation primary so that you don’t have to remember to run setmqenv, then /opt/mqm/bin (or wherever you have installed MQ) will be in your path and then man pages will also be found.


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