I think the IBM instructions for install MQ on Ubuntu gets 6/10

I went through the documentation for migrating mid-range MQ up to the latest level (9.1.1) for MQ on Ubuntu,and for installing fix packs, so I could be ready to install MQ 9.1.2 which is now out.

It felt like the documentation had not been properly tested, nor tested in a typical enterprise environment, so I have written up some up some instructions to help you.

Ive written this up here  and tried to cover the scenarios most people will have to go through.  For example

  • Before installing 9.1.2 you’ll need to delete 9.1.1.
  • You cannot have multi version install with Ubuntu.
  • Being a cautious person I use sudo to issue the commands that need root, rather than switch to root itself for the duration of the install.
  • When you install a new v.r.m it puts the files in MQServer directory, when you install a fix pack, it puts the files in the same directory as your .gz file, along with all of the rubbish you have accumulated over the years.
  • Rename your MQServer directory to MQServer911 – to make it clear what it is for,  and so when you install 9.1.2 it does not overwrite the contents.
  • It is good to clean up after you


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