Linux where’s my window? Use the keyboard to bring favourite window to the front

Using z/OS from my Linux laptop, I use X3270 to define the 3270 screens.  I use multiple screens ( master console, ISPF with main userid, ISPF with test userid).  It can be hard to find the right session.  I also try to use the keyboard rather than then mouse – how do I do it?
There is a good program wmctrl which can help you manage your all you windows, but I use it mainly for x3270 sessions.

For example wmctrl -a colin@ brings a window with “colin@” in the title, and gives it focus.  You then associate this with a keyboard action and the problem is solved.

wmctrl can do many things including

  • switch desktops
  • list desktops and windows managed by wmctrl
  • hide windows or make them full screen

To associate a keyboard action and a command,

  • display the settings (for example from the down arrow at top of the screen)
  • Keyboard – this lists your keyboard shortcuts.
  • go to the bottom of the list and click on +
  • enter
    • name:my name
    • command:wmctrl -a colin@
  • and click on Set Shortcut…
  • a small window pops up – type the key combination for example Ctrl 1

I have Ctrl+1 for the master console, Ctrl+2 for my main ISPF session, and Ctrl+3 for my “end user” ISPF session, and Ctrl+4 for Firefox

You can create an x3270 session using a command like

x3270 -model 5 colin@localhost:3270

which creates a session to port 3270 on my localhost, and puts -model 5 colin@localhost:3270 in the title bar. You could create another session x3270 -model 5 super@localhost:3270 so so use “super@” to identify it in the wmctrl command.


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