x3270 – where’s the money key?

On z/OS the default escape character for OMVS is the cent symbol ¢ (Unicode 00a2) which I do not have on my keyboard.

I set up in ~/.x3270pro

! Use the 'mine' keymap, defined below
x3270.keymap: mine
! Definition of the 'mine' keymap
x3270.keymap.mine: #override \
   <Key>Escape: Clear()\n\
   <Key>End: FieldEnd()\n\
   Ctrl<Key>Delete: EraseEOF()\n\
   Ctrl<Key>Right: NextWord()\n\
   Ctrl<Key>Left: PreviousWord()\n\
   Ctrl<Key>Up: Home()\n\
   <Key>Control_L: Reset()\n\
   <Key>Control_R: Reset()\n\
   <Key>Prior: PF(7)\n\
   <Key>Next: PF(8)\n\
   <Btn3Down>: PA(1)\n\
   Ctrl<Key>backslash: Key(U+00a2)\n\
   Alt<KeyPress>4: Key(U+00a2)

So now I can use Alt 4 or Ctrl \ to enter the value.


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