Useful linux commands

Someone told me about a useful linux command, for using z/OS… so I thought I would pass on some one-liners to help other people.

sshfs colin@ ~/mountpointz

This mounts a remote file system to give local access to files on a remote box.  This allows you to use gedit remotely, including z/OS files in USS.  For example gedit mountpointz/mqweb/servers/mqweb/mqwebuser.xml .

For z/OS the files must be tagged.   Use  chtag -p name to see the tag.  For me it needs a tag of  “t ISO8859-1 T=on” .  Without the tag it display the file in the wrong code page.


This keeps a history of your clipboard, with hot keys.

Linux settings -> keyboard mapping

Ctrl+1 give me the x3270 with “tso@” in the title.   The command executed is wmctrl -a tso@
Ctrl+2 give me the x3270 with “colin@” in the title.   The command executed is wmctrl -a colin@

I start the x3270 with

x3270 -model 5 colin@localhost:3270 &
x3270 -model 5 tso@localhost:3270 &

model 5 makes the screen 132 characters wide by 80 deep

Map the 3270 keyboard to define the uss escape key

See x3270 – where’s the money key?

Gedit hot keys

See here

  • Find a string Ctrl-F , next string Ctrl-G, previous Ctrl-Shift-G
  • Top Ctrl-home, bottom Ctrl-End
  • Move left/right one word Alt- <- or Alt–>
  • Start/end of line Home/end or  Ctrl-pgup,Ctrl-pgdn
  • Next session Ctrl-Alt Pgup, Ctrl-Alt-Pgdn
  • Create new gedit window Ctrl-N
  • Create new tab Ctrl-T


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