How to delete a RACF group

It only took me 30 minutes to do so!

I was creating some RACF definitions for a product, and being a good citizen,I wanted to have a script which cleans up after me, and deletes anything I defined. This all worked fine, except for trying to delete a RACF group. For example

DELGROUP  PKIGRP3                            
IKJ56702I INVALID GROUP, PKIGRP3            
ADDGROUP PKIGRP3                            

Hmm the message is not helpful – PKIGRP3 >IS< valid.

IKJ56702I INVALID invalid data
Explanation: The user entered invalid data.

I had a mini project to find out why it was not being deleted. If I list the group it gives

LG PKIGRP3                                                                                
INFORMATION FOR GROUP PKIGRP3                                                            
    SUPERIOR GROUP=SYS1         OWNER=COLIN       CREATED=21.315                          
    NO INSTALLATION DATA                                                                  
    NO MODEL DATA SET                                                                    
    NO SUBGROUPS                                                                          
    USER(S)=      ACCESS=      ACCESS COUNT=      UNIVERSAL ACCESS=                      
      IBMUSER       USE           000000               NONE                              
         CONNECT ATTRIBUTES=NONE                                                          
         REVOKE DATE=NONE                 RESUME DATE=NONE                                

If I remove the userid from the group the delete group works


Easy when you know why.

Having to remove all of the users from a group before deleting the group means I cannot just have code to delete the userids I had created, and delete the groups I created. I’ve raised an RFE on this.

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