Don’t try this at home, PKI certificates.

I was trying to generate z/OS certificates which I could use to check out certificate revocation. I can do it in Linux – no problem. Getting it to work on z/OS was the challenge and I don’t think it can be done.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (‘at home’), running z/OS on the zPDT environment on Linux, I found the PKI Server environment does not support PKI for key generation on zPDT or ZD&T, because zPDT does not support ICSF TKDS.

The longer story of why it will not work.

The RACF command RACDCERT GENCERT creates a basic certificate which is suitable for many uses. It does not support the extensions, such as specifying a URI for OCSP checking of the certificate.
The PKI product has these capabilities, and together with ICSF it can store the keys in the ICSF data sets. This product seems complex to set up (two web servers), and a GUI interface instead of a command interface.

There is an API, the RACF callable services R_PKISERV, which allows you to issue API requests to administer certificate.
You can use a SAF interface and pass in a public certificate, certificate request, or use PKI to generate a full certificate with all of the optional fields etc, and do full life cycle management with it.

I could not get this to work, and when I started the PKI SERVER, it reported


This in turn pointed me to ICSF and the TKDS (Token Key Data Set), not being set up – it needed a master key. You enter this master key on a TKE (Trusted Key Entry) workstation which sits inside the z hardware. I was running on zPDT, and following the trail, the zPDT documentation said PKCS#11 (Token Key Data Set) is not available with zPDT. This means it looks like I cannot create certificates which support OCSP on my z/OS.

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