Using runamscred to encrypt the passwords in the keystore.conf file.

If you are using AMS on midrange, your keystore.conf can contain plaintext passwords to the Java private keys and keystores. This is not very secure.

You can encrypt these passwords using runamscred which takes the file, encrypts the passwords and updates the file. For example


JKS.keystore = /home/colinpaice/ssl/ssl2/trust.jks
JKS.certificate = testuser
JKS.encrypted = no
JKS.keystore_pass = zpassword
JKS.key_pass = zpassword
JKS.provider = IBMJCE


JKS.keystore = /home/colinpaice/ssl/ssl2/trust.jks
JKS.certificate = testuser
JKS.provider = IBMJCE

This is documented (not very clearly) here.

The steps are

  • Create a file with a string in it. The documentation has Th1sIs@n3Ncypt|onK$y as an example.
  • Update your keystore.conf file to add a line to point to this file
    • amscred.keyfile=/home/colinpaice/mqamsclient/encryption.key .
  • This line is needed when you have Java programs.
  • Encrypt the passwords with
    • /opt/mqm/java/bin/runamscred -f keystore.conf -sp 1
  • This uses the amscred.keyfile entry to locate the encryption key. You can use -sf to specify a different file, but as the file has to have the amscred.keyfile statement. You might just as well use it, and be sure it works.!
  • The command changes JKS.encrypted to yes, and changes the passwords.

Systems management

Because the command changes the file contents, you may want to have a secure master file, master.conf, with the password in plain text in it. Make sure this file is secure (perhaps on a secure machine).

To manage the passwords

  • copy the file cp master.conf ks.conf.
  • encrypt the passwords using /opt/mqm/java/bin/runamscred -f ks.conf -sp 1.
  • send the ks.conf and the encryption key file to your end users.

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